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The outpouring of all kinds of help to assist our new refugee neighbors in Northampton has been extraordinary! Hundreds of people have already offered their time, skills, material assistance and hearts to this effort. THANK YOU to each and every person who has come forward.

The 17-20 Circles of Care we anticipate needing are currently being formed from those who have come forward.  While we appear to have enough groups at this point, if you wish to form a group of 6-8 people/families to be a Circle of Care, you are welcome to fill out an application to begin the process. Click here.

We are delighted and astonished bythe tremendous diversity of skills and gifts people have offered to this effort already. However, if you have a particular skill or interest that you feel would be helpful, we would like to know about it. Contact us at: refugeesnorthampton@gmail.com

Please see our donations page for information on how to contribute. 


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